Lawyer Stefan Coleman


Lawyer Stefan Coleman founded the Law Offices of Stefan Coleman in the spirit of community justice lawyering to protect the rights of consumers who are unfairly and illegally taken advantage of by corporations. The firm works in the following areas:

* Privacy Rights: Protecting consumer privacy rights whose personal data whether it be credit card data, medical data, Internet browsing, or email data are leaked, stolen, or sold without the consumer’s consent.

* Unfair Business Practices: Protecting consumers from unfair and deceptive business tactics that trick consumers into buying a product, up-selling them, or charging more for the item than advertised.

* Telephone Consumer Protection: Stopping telemarketers from making robocalls, text messages, or recording calls without the consumer’s consent.

* Product Defects: Helping consumers recover money from companies that sell defective products that either do not work or do not work as advertised.

In limited cases, Law Offices of Stefan Coleman will also work on behalf of companies who realize the need to adapt to the ever-changing legal and regulatory landscape related to data, privacy, and advertising.

For Lawyer Stefan Coleman, the priority is protecting consumers. That means working in a way that makes the process of attaining justice as simple as possible, and also cost free.

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